An overview of how our services help your business grow.

Bizweb offers your business effective business web solutions. You want a website (www.company-name.com) and email service with a your-name@company-name.com, here's a summary of what you are looking at:

Effective Business Website

= ( Domain Names + Website Design + Hosting ) X Internet Advertising

Too many technical terms?

Yes, Bizweb manage all the above services for you- email, website and online-advertising so that you can handle your own field of expertise more efficiently. You may wish to contact us now to find out more or read on to find out how Bizweb do them, differently.

Domain names (e.g. company-name.com) is a key online branding strategy. Bizweb recognises the importance, and puts in extra care in managing your domain names assets which detailed as follows:

1. Choose a domain name

e.g. company-name.com

Bizweb will only provide effective domain name suggestions to your business branding only upon meeting and understanding your industry.

With many years of experience, we know what's the best for you.

2. We manage

Your choice of domain name is subjected to availability. Bizweb does the technical job of securing them from your competition, registering and making sure the domain name's right does not expire during the term of service with us.

We ensure your branding stays with your business.

3. Branding

Having a domain name without using promoting it effectively, is equals to not possessing it at all. In Bizweb, we work and try to make your branded domain names hit the top rankings in popular search engine (e.g. Google, Yahoo)

Of course, with our little secret technique.

Every design project needs to have a plan. Bizweb ensures you understand what is happening at each stage of the project:

  1. Initial sales contact, Bizweb's design team brief
  2. Face-to face meeting with you, the client
  3. Off-site development
  4. Advertising efforts
  5. Evaluation
Contact us for a quick consultation on our website design and development process.

You have a domain name and a website design, now you will need a space to make your website visible to the world and email accounts that reflects your branding (e.g. your-name@company-name.com). Bizweb offers a unique hosting services, packed differently from the usual web hosting companies. Read on carefully to know more:

Unlimited* Storage Quota

As your business grows, the email and storage quota needed will eventually increase. At the point of purchase, you may not be able to decide exactly how much email and storage quota is needed.

Bizweb understands and offers unlimited storage quota with special designed controlled policy to monitor your usages. This methodology, in our observation has help our clients save up alot of operating and maintenance costs.

Biz Customer Support

Bizweb provides toll-free phone/email IT Support to your non-technical staffs until the web/email issue is resolved. Worry no more about having to maintain email accounts, technical configuration.


IT Customer Support

Bizweb communicates with your internal IT staff to ensure web and email services are fine. in your company daily operation.

Deluxe Marketing package

With Deluxe marketing, Bizweb will update your website content for you via email/ phone request. Bizweb goes a step further to implement our in-house strategies to advertise your website better!


D.I.Y Marketing package

With D.I.Y marketing, Bizweb provides the FTP credentials for your IT Web managing staff to update your website.

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