Terms And Conditions

An overview of Bizweb services guidelines.

Bizweb knows that it is our duty to help you understand the basic of domain names services that we provide and the following are some points that may help to prevent domain name disputes, which are to be agreed upon when engaging our services:

For domain names that are registered to directly reflect the client's brand/company name:

  • the client would need to provide the company or personal information for the required registrant contact information,
  • the admin contact information, however will be recorded as Bizweb contact for us to manage the domain name,
  • Such domain names are transferrable upon full-payment of all outstanding amounts.

For domain names that are registered to reflect the client's generalized product and services, category or any names that are not similar to the company’s brand name:

  • all contact information will be recorded as Bizweb contact unless otherwise stated in the contract,
  • such domain names are supposed to be on-loan status from Bizweb to the client,
  • the domain name is assumed to be an intellectual property of Bizweb and is non-transferable unless otherwise stated and agreeable by Bizweb Management and upon payment of outstanding amounts.

In general, Bizweb will execute the website design project only upon signing of the contact and have received the first partial payment from the clients. However, consultation is free-of-charge and it would be the client's final decision to accept our services.

Website design project payment conditions:

  • All payments made to initiate the website design project upon signing of contract are non-refundable.
  • Upon completion of the website design, Bizweb will upload the website design on its own domain name for client's feedback purposes. The site will be removed within 12 hours of upload. Only upon 100% of invoiced payment, Bizweb will upload the website on the client's domain name and implement the search engine optimisation refinements and online advertising strategies.
  • All web design projects uploaded online will contain a copyright and intellectual property statement with a backlink to Bizweb Communications website at the footer of all pages in the website. This link is removable for a fee of SGD$200.00 or 10% of the overall design project fees whichever is higher. However, the website project would still remain the copyright and intellectual property of Bizweb. Refer to next section.

Intellectual Property and Copyright Issues:

  • Bizweb would not take any responsibility for any copyright infringements for the materials submitted by clients for the design project; although Bizweb tries it’s upmost to recognise all rightful authors and seeks permission in using those materials.
  • All designed materials (artwork, graphics, modified photos), programming codes and the overall website project remains the property , and is a copyright and intellectual property of Bizweb and is non-transferrable, unless otherwise stated and agreeable by Bizweb management and upon payment of outstanding amounts.

Service terms:

  • Whilst Bizweb tries its upmost to produce an error-free website, clients are advised to check thoroughly on the website functionality and design for any discrepancies. Bizweb does provide a free of charge one month period for clients to make content amendments to the website but does not include changing of the overall design. Additional charges may be incurred for extra functionalities or large changes to the design subjected to Bizweb's review.
  • • Bizweb is working hard to improve its website optimisation and Internet marketing methodologies therefore would not be able to provide full-guarantee regarding the positions we can help to achieve for your websites. These are subjected by constant changing external factors such as new search engine ranking algorithms every now and then.

Marketing & Advertising Terms:

  • Deluxe Marketing Package-website updates: is limited to 1 request per week.
  • All website update request will be reviewed by Bizweb Support Team to be minor or major work. For major work, extra charges may incur.
  • Some examples of major website update work includes: changing of layout of website pages, editing of flash, video content, etc.
  • Some examples of minor websiste update work includes: changing of less than 3 pages of text or images content, changing text paragraph, etc.
  • Unlike others, Bizweb has a set of methodology for marketing and advertising that is incorporated into all aspects of the website development cycle, even after the website has been developed, constant work is being done to promote the website and boosting its search-engine ranking. Bizweb has different strategies for its various clients, as such, we do not disclose exactly how well or the exact methods we put in place for each clients. Rest assured, everything should be taken care of.

Bizweb's solution are generally catered for small and medium businesses, as such, the mentioned business experiences deals with such companies. For larger corporations, Bizweb may or may not be able to provide such generous hosting services, subjected to discussions and reviews during consultation.

Payment Terms:

  • All payments made to initiate the hosting service upon signing of contract are non-refundable.
  • Full payment must be made upon receiving of invoice and Bizweb will only activate the agreed service on the invoice after payment confirmation.
  • The issued invoice would be the contract that binds the agreed service agreement.
  • For renewal each year, Bizweb will send out invoices to client in advance and clients are to make the renewal service payment upon receiving the invoice. The website and email services will be temporarily suspended if no payments are received by the due date stated on the invoice.

Email Service:

  • Upon signing of contract, the client is to agree to Bizweb's special controlled policy on the web and email hosting service to achieve Unlimited* Storage Quota service term as stated in the Features page.
  • Bizweb reserved the rights to increase/decrease the storage quota configured for clients, suited to client's needs which are based on our frequent reviews and study.
  • Although Bizweb does have its own backup for all clients, individual clients are advised to maintain their own local backup regularly. Bizweb is not answerable to any lost emails contents in any events, even though we will try to recover them for you.

Service terms:

  • Whilst Bizweb tries its upmost to provide a 100% guarantee service, failure instances may still happened. Bizweb does not compensate for such causes but will do its upmost to restore the service within its means.

Whilst constant efforts are made to maintain the terms and conditions, policies and contract terms stated on this website, Bizweb is not able to cover every minor detail here. Do note that all terms and contents on this website are simplified to optimising readability for our clients. Should you require any clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us. Lastly, Bizweb reserved the rights to amend the terms and contents stated on this page without further notification. Thank you for your kind understanding.